Western World Insurance Group presents “The Truth of the Truck”

Western World Insurance Group presents “The Truth of the Truck”

What Tom didn’t know when he gave me his time that day was that I was on my last little bit of courage. Having been abandoned by my parents and abused by my caregivers, I regularly had the sense that I was treading out into places where I was not welcome. This desperate act of intentionally imposing myself in a place where I was uninvited and unwelcomed took every last bit of courage I could muster, not to mention the last bit of money in my account. So when Tom Mulligan offered to hear me out, what he was really doing was giving me my dignity. — Rhonda Sciortino, “Overcoming Failure by Crashing The Party
All across the land, there is a big-time push to bring in more “data scientists” into companies, to help turn big data into big insights. But who will be assuming these roles, and where will companies find them? — Joe McKendrick, “Do Insurance Companies Really Need Data Scientists?

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At Western World, we believe the collective strengths of all our employees is key to our competitive advantage. Our culture rewards initiative and emphasizes learning. We offer talented individuals the tools they need to succeed on both a professional and personal level.  We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, with an unwavering commitment to affirmative action for minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

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Western World Insurance Group is, first and foremost, an underwriting organization. Our strategy includes maintaining market presence and leadership by offering a highly diversified selection of specialty insurance products where underwriting and integrity add value for the company and our business partner affiliations. About Us, Western World Insurance